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Wife In The Fast Lane

Meet Christy Hayes. She built a multi-million dollar company, won two Olympic gold medals, and ensnared New York City’s most eligible bachelor. But nothing can prepare her for the ruthless competition of the Yummy Mummy-Mafia at the Colby Girls’ School.

She thought she had it all: fame, money, a gorgeous and powerful CEO husband. But when 11-year-old Renata enters her life, Christy’s enviable world starts to unravel… (Read more)

The Ivy Chronicles

A wicked pleasure for everyone who’s graduated from The Nanny Diaries and is ready for admission to the savage underbelly of Manhattan’s private kindergatens.

When turbocharged Park Avenue mom Ivy Ames finds she’s been downsized from her high-powered corporate job and her marriage, she swiftly realizes that she’s going to need a whole new way to support herself and her two private-school daughters… (Read more)

Holly Wood Dream

Holly never seems to get it right – but that won’t stop her from trying.

Not a day goes by that Holly Ross doesn’t regret missing out on her big Hollywood break. But, having abandoned dreams of movie stardom, her new career as a fashion historian is beginning to reap rewards. About to be married and with a big promotion promised, she can finally start to count her blessings.

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You can choose your friends…but not your family.

Although they couldn’t be more different, Amanda, Serena and Laura Moon have always been there for each other.

Amanda sizzles in the high stakes arena of New York City real estate – but drags herself home each night to a cold, empty bed. From top executive at Versace, Serena is now an over-the-top, stay-at-home Mum, plunging her marriage into crisis and her four-year-old into therapy. Laura spent the last six years caring for their dying mother. Now she is trying to breathe new life into her abandoned music career.

Emotions explode when the sisters learn that their mother left everything – the multi-million dollar family home and a priceless Daniel Lassiter painting – to Serena. But why? In an effort to make sense of the bequest, the girls journey to glamorous East Hampton to unravel the mystery behind their mother’s past, setting off a chain of events that threatens the very core of their sisterhood.

‘Classic escapist chick-lit from the author of The Ivy Chronicles’ — Elle

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