Karen Quinn

Test Your Audrey Hepburn IQ

1. Which of Audrey Hepburn’s characters says, “Cross my heart and kiss my elbow?
2. What is the name of the cat that played “Cat” in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
3. What was Audrey Hepburn’s first Broadway role?
4. Who is Linus Larabee’s (Humphrey Bogart’s) secretary in Sabrina?
5. Who is the barber that cuts Ann’s (Hepburn’s) hair in Roman Holiday?
6. Where do Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) and Irving (Eddie Arnold) first meet for coffee in Roman Holiday?
7. Where does Dick Avery (Fred Astair) “discover” Jo Stockton (Audrey Hepburn) in Funny Face?
8. What movement is Jo Stockton obsessed with in Funny Face?
9. What is Cary Grant’s final name in Charade?
10. Where was Peter O’Toole’s character staying in How to Steal a Million?

Answers: 1) Holly Golightly 2) Orangy 3) Gigi 4) Miss McCardle 5) Mario Delano 6) Café Grecco 7) At a Greenwich Village Bookstore 8) Empathicalism 9) Mr. Crookshank 10) At the Ritz in Paris