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Wife In The Fast Lane

Praise for Karen and The Ivy Chronicles:

“A very funny and frequently eye-popping tale of unnatural selection in the jungle of New York City’s private kindergartens. Karen Quinn introduces us to a crazy world where parental ambition gets passed onto kids like a disease and childhoods are traded like stocks. If you think you may be a neurotic parent, read this and feel sane.”
Allison Pearson,
author of I Don’t Know How She Does It

Review by RJ McGill from 3Rs Reading

Ever wondered what it would be like to have it all? Of course, we all have…Karen Quinn’s novel, “Wife In the Fast Lane” provides a front row, often harried view of the glamorous life, that to the average person seems far-fetched and outlandish, at best. Quinn invites us to sit back, relax and see the world from the platinum side of the coin for a few hours.

Christy Hayes knows the meaning of hard work and dedication, however, winning two Olympic gold medals did not prepare her for the cut-throat world of commerce. As founder and acting CEO of Baby G, an athletic shoe company, Christy needed to reinvent herself to look the part. Following the advice of her best friend and Baby G’s second in command, Katherine, she moves to an apartment, with the “right address,” a new wardrobe and haircut complete the transformation from athlete to successful athletic company owner. Well, superficially anyway…Christy is a beautiful, strong woman, but her lack of education and inexperience force her to rely on Katherine more and more.

Christy joins countless high profile, money makers and trend setters in Davos, Switzerland. Famous for hosting the annual World Economic Forum and global political and business elites, she looks forward to rubbing elbows with and learning the secrets of successful CEO’s. Christy is a fish out of water and finds herself star-struck at every juncture, especially with the gorgeous, media mogul, Michael Drummond. An evening of talk and sipping champagne and it is obvious Christy is in love. This whirlwind marriage creates a corporate power couple that would make others green with envy. Even with help at home from Maria, Christy’s maid and dear friend, she is unable to keep up with the demands of being CEO. So, she unwittingly turns the reigns over to her best friend, which plays right into Katherine’s diabolical plan to oust Christy from Baby G.

When Maria dies unexpectedly, Christy honors her friends’ last wish and adopts her 11 year old granddaughter, Renata. She soon discovers that cut-throat, backstabbing isn’t confined to the executive board room, there’s trouble brewing everywhere… It seems a newspaper reporter wants to have more than her eyes on Michael and the PTA leader of the private school where Christy enrolled Renata is bordering on psychotic.

We get by with a little help from our friends has never been portrayed with such an ingenious mixture of passion, humor and what could only be defined as sheer female empowerment. Author Karen Quinn takes us inside one woman’s journey from the top, to the bottom and back to the top again.

From the Upper East Side of Manhattan to the luxurious village of St. Tropez, to the resorts of Aspen and Davos, readers will journey to glamorous locales, meet outrageous characters and laugh out loud more than once. Although the central theme is balanced atop a heap of coincidences which may be difficult for some, this is a good read, with light, quick wit, a few shadowy characters to add just enough shadiness to have you cheering for Christy and talking aloud, as you try to warn her of things to come. So, if you’re reading this one on a plane, subway or train don’t be surprised if, from time to time you catch the other passengers looking at you quizzically…You would do the same if the person in the seat next to you was having a conversation with their book. :)

I recommend “Wife In the Fast Lane” to anyone who enjoys a book that’s simply a lot of fun to read! Quinn’s quiet style and evocative characters delivers a truly distinctive reading experience. With only two novels to her credit readers are in for a real treat as she hones her craft and continues to develop that extra special something that defines a novel as a Karen Quinn original. I am on board for the long ride and anxiously await her next novel!

– RJ McGill

“I loved this book. Clever, funny, and a worthwhile emotional investment. Wife in the Fast Lane is not to be missed!”
Emily Giffin, author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue

“I learned two things from this novel: so this is how the other half lives and, who knew, it is possible to laugh while your jaw is dropping.”
Claire Cook, author of MUST LOVE DOGS and LIFE�S A BEACH

“Karen Quinn does it again! WIFE IN THE FAST LANE is funny, entertaining, sweet, and smart. Every woman who has ever had to juggle kids, work, and marriage (or even two of the three!) will relate to its wide and witty voice.”
Leslie Schnur, author of THE DOG WALKER

“WIFE IN THE FAST LANE is a hysterical journey up and down both corporate and romantic chutes and ladders– and a delicious, tart, juicy, slice of Big Apple life.”
Jill Kargman, author of MOMZILLAS and The Right Address

“Packed with cheeky wit and spot-on scenarios, WIFE IN THE FAST LANE is a must read for any women who knows what it’s like to have to balance a laptop and a baby at the same time.”
Bonnie Fuller, EVP of American Media Inc., Publisher of Star magazine, and author of THE JOYS OF MUCH TOO MUCH

“Funny, warm and terrifyingly acute about people, Karen Quinn will have
you punching the air in triumphant support of her heroine as she slays
dragons on behalf of us all…”

Elizabeth Noble, author of The Reading Group and The Friendship Test